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Stay connected no matter where you are in the world with fast and reliable global data roaming options on VOX Mobile's travel eSIMs.

Affordable and blazing fast 4G/5G roaming with the convenience of Travel eSIMs.

Experience lightning-fast 5G data networks coupled with affordable deals. We have budget-friendly data roaming packages starting from $1/GB. Enjoy a worry-free vacation with VOX Mobile with a smooth and top quality travel eSIM experience!


    No more waiting in line - get a digital SIM card instantly. Activate once you are ready to travel


    You get ultra-fast data roaming across the globe, but for way less what your local telco charges.


    Choose the data amount that you need at the right price for you - no unexpected roaming charges, no contract


    We don’t have stores or salespeople and sell direct to you online to keep prices as low as they can go.

Travel across continents: Stay connected with VOX Mobile's Travel eSIMs.

VOX Mobile offers fast and reliable 5G mobile data connectivity, ensuring that you always stay in touch when travelling. We carefully curate our data roaming plans so that you get the best products to meet your travel needs

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Benefits of using an eSIM for your next data roaming plan

Incredibly Convenient

The most convenient aspect of this new technology is that you no longer have to physically insert SIM cards whenever you change your device. If you are a frequent traveler, eSIM Singapore plans may come in very handy, because the constant swapping of your SIM cards becomes absolutely unnecessary.

Instant Connectivity

Shopping for a regular SIM is a nuisance at times. You may need to deal with sales representatives and their endless promotional talk, skim through a variety of card options or wait days for a single SIM card to arrive at your doorstep. With VOX Mobile eSIM Singapore, this is no longer an issue! No matter where you are, you can sign up and activate within a few minutes

Activation Made Simple

To activate this plan, you simply require to install an eSIM profile. By scanning a QR code, you can activate a mobile cellular plan and complete the installation process, all while in the comfort of your home. If you are in a rush for an overseas business meeting, now you have one less headache!

Avoid Outrageous Roaming Charges

With eSIMs, you can switch between different networks quite easily. For wanderers who love traveling, this is a dream come true.

Using your phone while in another country without an overseas data roaming plan means that you will inevitably be greeted by an outrageous roaming fee when you return home.

Avoiding this unfriendly situation is now possible with a prepaid Travel eSIM profile. It gives you the option to use an overseas mobile network while you are travelling. Once you reach home, you can switch back again.

Tackle The Issue Of Poor Coverage

In case of connection difficulties or if you had to travel across an area with poor coverage, an eSIM can be extremely helpful. When the main network indicates no connectivity, simply swap to the eSIM profile. Then you can check whether that network offers enough signal to get your business done. Having an extra network option at your disposal will never go in vain.