Why do you need an eSIM to travel to China from Singapore?

Why do you need an eSIM to travel to China from Singapore?

If you're thinking about travelling to China from Singapore, one of the first steps you need to complete is selecting your method of communication via your smart device. Despite many options available, choosing an eSIM, especially from VOX Mobile eSIM Singapore, will solve many of your digital communication problems. 

A brief overview about eSIMs.

A brief overview about eSIMs

What is the difference between an eSIM and a regular SIM?

The concept of an eSIM is simple: usually, with a regular SIM card, users will have to manually put in and take out the SIM card from their respective devices. With this new innovation in technology, the eSIM is built into your device and can be activated from anywhere - allowing flexibility and practicality- minimizing the time and effort spent waiting in line for a new SIM, especially in a new country like China. 

5 Reasons why you need an eSIM when Travelling to China

Eliminate communication issues.

Travelling to a new country, especially this far, comes with all sorts of communication issues. Although China is a popular hotspot for tourism, like any other country, it has multiple languages, a different currency and a time zone- it may be difficult to adjust to these sudden changes initially. However, with advancements in technology, your smart device has the ability to solve these issues with the click of a button. 

Access to digital resources.

New innovations like language translators, currency convertor and Google’s resources will eliminate any unnecessary problems, ensuring a seamless journey. Rather than getting irritated on your trip, it’s essential to have all the tools necessary to keep you out of trouble. 

Fast network.

All these solutions are in your smartphone; however, your device is basically unusable without a reliable and stable internet connection. Technology has evolved over the years to combine flexibility with practicality- an example of this innovative technology can be seen with improvements in the eSIM space. eSIM cards or embedded SIMs eliminate the need for a physical sim card. Its traditional, outdated style is impractical for most users. 


When travelling to China, stopping at airport kiosks and local stands to purchase a sim is usually time-consuming- in comparison, eSIMs are easy to activate from the comfort of your seat. It's a great way to conveniently stay connected abroad while enjoying yourself, especially in China. With simple activation, you'll be one step ahead, making sure you'll get the most out of your travels.

If you happen to get lost, a good connection is important- staying connected means staying safe and out of trouble. Through VOX Mobile eSIM Singapore's facilities, you can turn on maps, call your loved ones and even post your memories with a single click. Get ready to see the beauty of China, discover its history and enjoy its culture with the help of an eSIM. 

Switching between networks.

eSIM users travelling from Singapore to China have the advantage of switching between networks and carriers at the click of a button. Completely eliminate carrying around multiple SIMs to switch out for different networks. Especially when travelling, having loose SIMs are prone to getting lost

How is my data made more secure when travelling with an eSIM?

How is my data made more secure when travelling with an eSIM?

Security features

Digital eSIM profiles are completely secure regarding the physical theft of SIMs. This technology has an established authentication and authorisation process to reinforce your data. When travelling, smaller items such as SIMs are easy to lose- your personal data can be stolen and misused; switching to an eSIM will substantially minimise this risk.

How do I get an eSIM when travelling to China?

Activating an eSIM. 

With a streamlined activation process that takes approximately 5 minutes, you can spend more time enjoying your trip to China rather than looking around for a SIM card. Before you get started, make sure to check whether your device is compatible with an eSIM 

After purchasing the eSIM via the VOX Mobile website, the user receives a QR code delivered to their inbox by the respective mobile network operator. It's quick and easy! Contact VOX Mobile for any particular inquiries, or read through our blogs describing the activation process in detail. 

 Common questions asked by travelers.

Common questions asked by travellers.

1.Can I get an eSIM in China? What packages are available?

    Yes! VOX Mobile offers packages (included below) for eSIM users travelling to China.

    1.China Hong Kong Macau 5G Travel eSIM Data Plan  

    2. Asia Pacific and USA  5G Travel eSIM Data Plan 

    3. Asia Pacific and Middle East 5G Travel eSIM Data Plan

    4. Global eSIM Data Plan

    Visit our website to get more information regarding the cost, data limit and expiry date of the chosen package.

    Are eSIMs affordable?

      Absolutely! Through the elimination of physical stores and plastic packaging, data packages are extremely inexpensive, allowing more of your travel-based expenses to go toward your initial trip.

      Will I get instant connectivity upon arrival in China?

        When you reach your destination, you will be granted immediate access to a fast and secure network after activation. There's no need to wait in line or deal with communication barriers. This revolutionary technology ensures that the users experience the most convenient way to stay connected while travelling from China to Singapore. 


        China is a relatively advanced country in terms of its innovative technology. Staying connected is essential if you want to navigate its dynamic culture and cuisine. For a better and more efficient travel experience, switch to an eSIM to gain access to all its benefits. It's an unbeatable solution when it comes to fast, flexible and convenient connections.

        It also completely eliminates any issues regarding language barriers and waiting in line when it comes to purchasing one. Explore and experience China with amazing confidence, knowing that you'll be connected with every step you take! Join us at VOX Mobile eSIM Singapore to embrace the practicality of eSIMs. 

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