How to Manually Activate eSIM on iPhone

How to Manually Activate eSIM on iPhone

If you are new to embedded SIM cards or eSIMs , this step-by-step guide will make it very easy to activate eSIM on iPhone , especially on your iPhone. New technology may be difficult to understand, especially when you don't have any experience working with new technology. As you may already know, an eSIM functions as a regular SIM card, but it has a few added benefits

Main benefits of eSIM.

Main benefits of eSIM.


    You can purchase easily via website and will benefit from instant delivery. An eSIM has gained significant popularity and recognition as a modern and convenient technology in the telecommunication industry worldwide. It offers a range of advantages that make it a convenient choice for many users.


       eSIMs offer several features and advantages that contribute to their budget-friendliness over traditional physical SIM cards. Those features include, Cost-Effective Activation and Setup, No Physical SIM Card Costs, Reduced Roaming Expenses, Easy Carrier Switching etc. 

      Activate when you are ready. 

        To activate eSIM on iPhone is a straightforward process. It involves a few steps. Keep in mind that the exact steps may vary slightly depending on your mobile device and carrier, but the general process remains consistent. You will get a QR code that can be scanned by your eSIM compatible device. 

        This short guide presented below will take you through the instructions necessary activate eSIM on iPhone. 

        iPhone compatibility.

        iPhone compatibility.

        To manually activate eSIM on iPhone, this first step is absolutely important. Older generations of iPhones may not be compatible due to their programming, as eSIMs are a fairly new technological concept. With this in mind,  iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, and later is supporting to activate eSIM on iPhone.

        Fortunately, if you have any of these devices mentioned above, you're ready to move on to the next step If you are not an iPhone user, refer to our FAQ section within the VOX Mobile website to refer to other compatible devices iPhones purchased from China or Hong Kong are dual sim,with no eSIM Take into consideration that eSIM on iPhone requires an initial internet connection in order to activate eSIM on iPhone.

        Getting started.

        Getting started.

        Visit our website, which offers eSIM facilities, and select your preferred destination along with the data bundle that compliments your travel budget. The website model makes the process seamless and easy in comparison to other methods. 

        Let’s say you want to travel to Thailand, click on the respective country, and then pick out the amount of data that suits your personal preferences. Let's say 15 GB over the span of 8 days. Make sure to check the time span along with the overview included in the description. Don’t forget to read through the network operators and the additional information. 

        Payment details.

        VOX Mobile has data bundles for as low as 1 SGD/day, with over 150+ countries available Pop in your contact details which entails your email along with the shipping address. If you choose to save that information for next time, check the respective box.  Additionally, if you have a discount code, you may choose to enter it into the respective box. Finally, enter your payment details to purchase your eSIM; it's that easy!

        The next step.

        Now that you've gotten past those previous steps, it's time to complete the next set of steps. These detailed instructions won't be difficult or complicated. Just read through and follow along. Once the QR code is delivered to your inbox, open the camera app and scan it. Then a push notification will appear- “Cellular plan is detected.” Give it a click

        Click "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.  Tap "Add cellular plan."Enter the confirmation code that you receive to activate eSIM on iPhone.

        eSIM activation when initially setting up an iPhone.

        eSIM activation when initially setting up an iPhone.

        This method is especially useful when you’ve just obtained a new iPhone and attempt to set up a cellular plan through the integration of an eSIM When the “Set up Cellular Screen” option is displayed on your new iPhone, click on the “Use QR code” option

        Added features.

        Through the evolution of eSIM technology, compatible iPhones can support eight or more eSIMs! Not only that, it can use two phone numbers at the same time. If you make the decision to activate more than one plan, you have the option of labelling them as "Work" or "Personal", for example. This will prevent any confusion, helping you organize your plans- enabling a smoother digital experience. 

        Managing connections.

        If you wish to manage these connections, enter the settings app and tap on the "Cellular Settings'' option. This feature helps the user enable and disable plans according to the personal management criteria. Restart your iPhone if necessary to ensure that the eSIM is functioning satisfactorily.

        Manual Activation.

        An alternate route to activate eSIM on iPhone is manually entering the details into the iPhone. Once you obtain the necessary data, including the QR code, enter the Settings app. Tap either "Cellular" or "Mobile data." "Add cellular plan." Click on the option "Enter details manually" presented at the bottom of the screen.  Follow the necessary instructions as momentarily displayed on your mobile screen. It will help you manually activate eSIM on iPhone. 

        Frequent questions asked by our clients.

        Frequent questions asked by our clients.

        • "Can I buy an eSIM for whatever country I want to go to and scan the barcode- will it work once I land in the country?"

        Yes! The process has been developed for a seamless user experience; check the VOX Mobile eSIM website to select your preferred destination- we have 150+ destinations on our itinerary. 

        • “Can I store multiple eSIMs on my iPhone device and switch the active one as needed?”

        Sure! As long as your device is compatible with eSIM integration (Refer to the compatible iPhone devices mentioned above), you can switch to the active one as needed.

      • “Is purchasing an eSIM more safe than purchasing a regular sim?”
      • Of course, if your phone gets stolen, your physical sim is likely to get stolen along with it. With our eSIM facilities, it's safer and less likely to get stolen.

        Data plan expiry details.

        The expiry date depends on the package you have selected. 7-30 days is the typical expiry time period. 30 being the most common validity period for us. Your expiry details are included in the selected package and sent in your confirmation email. 

        Take into account that you may need some personal guidance. If the information provided didn't answer your particular inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at VOX Mobile eSIM Singapore immediately for necessary instructions regarding your questions. 

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