Reasons to Use an eSIM While Traveling in Taiwan

Reasons to Use an eSIM While Traveling in Taiwan

There are many uses for having an eSIM in Taiwan when exploring the beautiful country. At present, we do not think that there is a better option than using an embedded SIM to stay connected when you are in Taiwan. When you are using an eSIM, you can stay connected online and make use of Internet messaging and travel apps, too.

As a traveller, there are several useful apps that will come in handy for you during your trip. These apps include Google Maps, WhatsApp, email, etc. eSIMs are capable of meeting most of your needs if you are seeking only connectivity and Internet access. Purchasing an embedded sim in Taiwan is hassle-free now, as you can buy it conveniently online even before your trip gets started.

You do not need a physical SIM card.

physical SIM

During your trip to Taiwan, this is one of the most important advantages of having an embedded SIM. Having a physical SIM card is not mandatory. What does it mean? Suppose you leave your SIM card behind while packing for your trip to Taiwan.

It will create a lot of hassles during your trip if you are thinking of using it instead of an eSIM in Taiwan. But if you opt to use an eSIM, you should know that the mobile services are directly embedded into your device, and they are more conveniently manageable, too.

Useful in emergency situations.


You might be exploring an unknown territory in Taiwan Or this might be your first trip to this beautiful country. We all know there is a risk of facing unforeseen circumstances when travelling to unfamiliar destinations. But when you have an eSIM in Taiwan, its benefits shine in such circumstances.

An eSIM in Taiwan guarantees constant connectivity and is capable of offering you access to local emergency services as well. When you have such a level of connectivity, it will take a huge burden away from your mind. Also, you might need help with access to critical information. Do not worry, as an eSim will help you with that too. At the same time, you can easily let your loved ones know that you are safe in Taiwan. Simply put, having an eSIM in Taiwan ensures you are a few taps away from all the support you might require.

Most of the latest smartphones are embedded SIM compatible.


Making use of an eSIM in Taiwan is easier than ever because most of the latest smartphones that you might use are embedded sim compatible. If you have an iPhone, make sure that you have an iPhone XR, XS, 11, 12, or later.

When it comes to Android phones, it will depend mostly on the brand. If you are a big iPhone fanatic, you might know that you do not have a slot for physical SIM cards at all in the latest iPhone 14. So, it will make that having an eSIM the only option. At the same time, you may have to unlock your phone. This is applicable to most of the phones that are made after 2017.

Seamless international travel experience.

Seamless international travel

Even in our early articles, we have discussed the importance of maintaining connectivity when you are traveling abroad. When you explore the beautiful country of Taiwan, you will require data services for several causes. Navigating language translation and staying updated with your travel apps are just a couple of those.

With the eSIM, you will not need a local physical SIM card to access this. At the same time, the process of switching between networks and accessing the local data plans with these is much easier. So now you may realize why we say that eSIMs provide seamless international travel. With an eSIM in Taiwan, you will not have the need to manage multiple physical SIM cards and face any inconvenience regarding connectivity.

You will not have to carry multiple devices.

multiple devices

Don't you think that it & is going to be a hassle if you have to carry multiple devices with you whenever you are travelling abroad? When listening to travel stories, we hear that some people have an extra smartphone with them only for international travel.

They do it with the intention of managing the mobile services. But you will not have to do this when you have access to eSIMs. When you travel to Taiwan, you can switch between service providers on the same device with no hassle when you use SIMs. The bottom line is that you will not need to carry multiple devices on your trip to Taiwan.

You can access your eSIM as soon as you land in Taiwan.

access soon

This is one of the main advantages of having an eSIM in Taiwan. At the airport, when you are allowed to start using your mobile phone, you can turn off the Airplane mode of your phone or switch it on and turn on your eSIM in phone settings. Then, instantly, you will be connected.

Did you know that no SIM card shops are open at the airport until 5 AM? They close at midnight. We gathered this information by going through a list of shop opening times and locations of the Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan. Therefore, using eSIMs is a perfect option if you are landing over here during the middle of the night when mobile shops at the airport are closed.

What if your plane landed at about 2 AM in the morning? You will have to wait a significant amount of time just to buy a SIM card. And it will not be a pleasant experience at the very moment you land. Also, with eSIMs, you don t have to wait to buy a SIM card at the airport.



Taiwan is a country concerned about being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Therefore, following environmentally friendly travel practices is the right thing to do. We all know that using an eSIM in Taiwan will assist this cause. Physical SIM cards are contributing to electronic waste, and with embedded SIMs, you will not need physical SIM cards anymore. So you can do your bit for the environment by opting to use technology.


So, by going through this article, hope you have realized why it is important to use eSIMs in Taiwan during international travel. It will help you improve the overall travel experience. You will be able to enjoy cost-effective data plans and seamless connectivity as the eSIM technology continues to thrive across the globe. Enjoy a sustainable and convenient travel experience to Taiwan and stay connected throughout your journey with eSIMs.

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