eSIM tethering: Why you should use eSIM to share your connections?

eSIM tethering: Why you should use eSIM to share your connections?

What is eSIM tethering?

eSIM tethering

Is it possible to share your internet connection with other devices when you are using a mobile phone with an eSIM? In this article, we are ready to answer these questions. The process of sharing the internet connection of your eSIM-powered device with another device is simply known as eSIM tethering.

What are the devices that you can use an eSIM with? Most of the latest smartphones, tabs, and even laptops can function with eSIMs. Traditionally, people are used to swap SIM cards from one phone to another to get internet access. Otherwise, people used to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. But you will not have to go through either of the above steps if you enable eSIM tethering on your device.

Does the eSIM offer the functioning of a hotspot?


We think with the caption of this article, we have already provided the answer to this question. But there are certain things that you should take into consideration here. Let us dive into those. The functions that an eSIM provides are the same as a traditional physical SIM card. There is only one difference, and that is an eSIM is not physical and tangible. All regular SIM cards (subscriber identity module) are capable of providing the hotspot facility. The same ability is built-in to eSIMs as well. If you have the requirement, you can use eSIM and physical SIM cards interchangeably as well.

But here is the catch. this sharing technology enables the functionality of a hotspot. But there can be providers in certain regions who are not allowing you to create a hotspot for yourself or others. Therefore, when you are choosing an eSIM provider, make sure that you are paying attention to all these details as well.

The use of eSIM tethering has a number of advantages over more conventional tethering methods. The first of those is that you don't have to swap the SIM cards. If you are using a physical subscriber identity module card, usually what would you have to do to share the internet connection? In certain cases, you typically have to move it from device to device. This process can be a hassle at times. At the same time, have you ever thought about this? Your physical SIMs may get damaged while swapping, too.

Let us talk about eSIMs now. You will not have the same issues. Sharing the internet connection of an eSIM-enabled device is a smooth process. That is mainly because a SIM card is not physically involved in these cases. So, it makes the whole process of sharing your internet connection with others much more convenient.

Carrying many devices with you and swapping subscriber identity module cards for the sake of having the Internet is a thing of the past. Here is another major advantage of using this sharing technology: it is way quicker and more secure as well.

The activation process is way smoother


You do not have to be an extreme techie guy to be able to activate an eSIM and share your internet connection with another device. It is a very simple process. There are just a few steps that you have to follow. Here is an advantage of choosing a reliable and reputable service provider.

Most of these reputed companies use online platforms that can guide users through the activation process. These platforms will help you to share your internet connection with another device within a short time. As mentioned above, you need not have the technical expertise to do this. This effectiveness in activation and sharing Internet connection ensures minimal downtime as well.


connect multiple devices

There can be certain instances where you have the need to connect multiple devices to the Internet. In such cases, eSIM tethering could be an appealing choice. Let us tell you why.

This technology comes with the capability of sharing your internet connection with others without having the need for additional hardware or a Wi-Fi network. As mentioned above, it can be considered as one of the most significant benefits of this technology.

As a user, you can utilize this feature by connecting several devices to the eSIM-enabled device. It simply means that when you are connecting most of your devices to the Internet using an eSIM-enabled smartphone, it will save you a lot of time. Hence, this point clearly proves that if you are considering sharing your connection, making use of this technology is a wise idea. It will improve the overall use experience and fulfil the requirements of modern connectivity as well.

Security is much better


If you were asked what is a less secure option between public Wi-Fi hotspots and this sharing technology, what answer would you give? Let us help you. Without a doubt, the latter is way more secure when compared with Wi-Fi hotspots. So we can safely say that rather than using any other method, utilizing eSIM tethering to share your connections is way safer.

If you are connecting your smartphone to a public Wi-Fi network, you should know that the data that you are sending and receiving are travelling through a network that is unsecured. This means that it will put your confidential and personal information at risk of theft. But it is completely different in this sharing technology. Your data is sent to the other devices over a cellular protection connection that is well protected. It simply means that cybercriminals will find it not easy at all to steal your data from your smartphone over the connections that you establish.

As mentioned above, increased security is one of the main benefits of this sharing technology. If you are using physical subscriber identity module cards that are traditional, they could be easily removed and replaced as well. It means that the information on your SIM card is also vulnerable to being misused. But on the other hand, an embedded subscriber identity module is embedded directly into the hardware of your smartphone.

At the same time, you should know that the encryption processes are improving the security. When there is an additional level of protection, we can guarantee that your shared connection will be secure and confidential as well.


So, let us conclude the article by summarizing what we have learned so far. Tethering with eSIMs offers many advantages when considered with past ways of tethering. You might have realized that by going through the points above, this option is quick, and you won't need any additional hardware.

At the same time, you should not be connected to a Wi-Fi network as well. But there are certain issues that you need to take care of when you are using this technology. We will talk about those in a future article.


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